The Corona Chronicles

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“In his intriguing new book, Ralph Thurm distils decades of experience into a personal account of the systemic challenges our species now faces. The book appears at a moment when our world is in flux – and when a profoundly different geopolitical and macroeconomic order is evolving all around us. None of us has the complete answer to the existential crisis we now face, but The Corona Chronicles is full of pointers as to examples of – and pointers to – emerging solutions.” — John Elkington, Founder & Chief Pollinator, Volans and author of Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism “This is Ralph Thurm at his best – an irresistible combination of wisdom, agency and creativity. I love the clarity and urgency of this book. Drastic times demand drastic messages.” — Kees Klomp, Founder, Thrive Institute, Author of Pioniers van de Nieuwe Welvaart “At a time when the world needs both hope and practical ideas and inspiration, The Corona Chronicles offer both. It is simultaneously a personal reflection and a positive suite of evidence and proposals that bring the possibility of moving our economies beyond the bottleneck created by outdated and unimaginative thinking.” — Katherine Trebeck, Founder, weall, Author of The Economies of Arrival
The Corona Chronicles by Ralph Thurm is a book about hope, but also a ‘how-to-guide’ to learn from the covid-19 crisis. Seeing this crisis as a time lapse of what is still to come, either as economic crisis, ecological crisis, biodiversity crisis, or most likely an existential crisis for humanity in the end, it offers deep going thoughts, patterns and solutions of how to manage and develop a ‘New Normal’ together. The book spans from assessing the root causes of covid-19, to developing a new understanding of responsibility of and for all of us, and finally sketching the idea of a regenerative and distributive economy, based on the right understanding of wellbeing and love. Ralph carries us through many of the stereotypes we will need to let go, and other ideas we need to pick up, in the development of this ‘New Normal’. This book is also a very personal logbook about feelings, desires, fears and frustrations. It is this personal connection that this reader should make it to the top of your pile of books, a deeper dive into what we are and who we need to be as individuals and as humans on Planet Earth. In the end, our lives depend on making crucial decisions in this decade, so let this book be a guide, compendium, and an inspiration about your own role in this journey.
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Isbn 9789491835193
Titel The Corona Chronicles
Subtitel Envisioning a New Normal for Regeneration and Thriving
Auteurs Ralph Thurm
Product type Paperback
Uitgeverij Milinda Uitgevers B.V.
Imprint Studio Kers
Uitgifte datum 2021-04-30
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